Model Number: DHOA-0109

Rolex by DHOA makes the perfect fit for your authentic home and living decor ideas. This sideboard and storage cabinet has a counter top with polished marble for a luxurious look, and stainless steel decorative profiles for the enhancement of the already posh design.

Colors Available :
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Product Type Dimensions (LxWxH) inches Dimensions (LxWxH) mm OR CM
Cabinets, Sideboards 94” X 19.6” X 25.6”  239 X 50 X 65 CM 
Cabinets, Sideboards 72.4” X 19.6” X 25.6” 184 X 50 X 65 CM 

1. The perfect choice for your authentic home decor ideas.

2. Polish marble top and decorative profiles of stainless steel for a modish look.

3. Custom sizes and colours are also available.