Model Number: DHOA-0053

Minia is a modern and stylish seating choice for anyone's ideal interiors. Minia has a solid wooden frame with a rotatable base making it a comfy and fun seating experience. The legs are made of stainless steel while juxaposed next to the fluffy lamb velvet fabric. These opposing material choices make a perfect blend of unique interior design and modern style.

Colors Available :
Lamb Velvet | Velvet
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Product Type NUMBER OF SEATS Dimensions (LxWxH)inches Dimensions (LxWxH) MM OR CM
  OCCASIONAL CHAIRS   ONE SEAT 45" X 36" X 28.7" 115 X 92 X 73 CM

1. Modern and stylish with great comfort.

2.  Rotating stainless steel base.

3. Customization of the furniture can be done according to your needs.