Statement Sofas

Statement sofas are the anchor of your living room. They are the biggest piece of furniture. The white or grey couch has been a safe bet for a long time, easily hiding in the background. But why let your most important piece of furniture take a back seat?

Bold sofas are breaking out into the market. Organic shapes, versatility, and plush fabrics are reigning in the furniture world.

A past client DHOA designed for asked for a bold couch years before this trend. The photo below shows the superb Monarcto in a L shape base finished in an aqua blue. Can you say statement piece? The giant sofa actually is in two pieces that can be arranged in any style.

The color choice, tufting, and luxurious fabric all work together inducting this sofa into the furniture hall of fame.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to switch out that old boring sofa for something new? DHOA has compiled a list of our favorite statement sofas we think would add a sense of boldness to your living room.

Starting at the top left green couch and working our way clockwise:

1. Mollis has very soft curvy lines. Overall the shape is traditional but the curved accentuated ends allows this sofa to be included in the statement sofa collection.

2. Monarcto posses a touch of royalty and elegance. There is a lot more drama created with a full tufted sofa. A bold couch requires bold colors, just like the aqua blue Monarcto sofa custom made for a past client.

3. Creare definitely has a modern feel to the shape and finishes on this sofa. The linear lines are giving an industrial feel to this piece. The rounded back balances this feeling by almost inviting you in to sit.

4. Bubble is quite obviously a statement piece. Even when finished in a neutral color like we see here, the dramatic shape and organic lines keep our eyes busy. Finishing this sofa in a fun color would turn up the level in any room.


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