How to Design an Office for a Modern Mansion

This week we will discuss how I transform a client’s general idea into a concrete concept that we can move forward with. The most important thing to remember is that I am here to help you get your ideas off the ground and into action. That being said, sometimes you need some help getting those ideas out of your head and onto paper. That's when I come in! I'll work with you to figure out what it is that makes your project special, and then use my design skills to turn it into something tangible that we can use as a foundation for building your home decor.

Currently concentrating on a new build home in the design development phase; the main home office is our area of focus for now.

“Our inspiration for this home office was the earthy tones of outside complemented with a vibrant pink color palette to add a punch of entertainment to the eye.”

Here are the inspiration photos chosen to describe the look we are after.


The office is two-stories with the Mrs. of the house having downstairs area, and the upstairs is utilized by the husband. The lower level is a perfect rectangle at 24’ length and 12’ width of the room. We will split the room in half creating a desk area and the other side will host a unique couch for lounging.

Color choice is pink with heavy fabrics, patterns, and artwork. A detailed marbled entryway is a requirement along with herringbone hardwood flooring occupying the main space. Comprehensive wooden millwork will line the walls, painted in hot pink and split at the top to a lighter color. Organic fan like chandeliers over the desk area with built-in bookcases lining the back wall will add the finishing touches to this glamourous office.

Creating Concept Boards:

After understanding the clients wants, needs, and desires its time to get to work making three potential concept boards. Three options ensure you have a backup in case your main plan foils. Nothing is worse than the client hating your one and only design. ALWAYS PROVIDE OPTIONS! Some people are not visual so this really helps move the “choice-making” part along.

After creating three potential furniture combinations for the room the client will provide feedback/and or choose which pieces they prefer for the home office.

Here is one concept board created for this particular home office:

Fabric Selection and 3D Renders:

After the furniture is chosen, 3-D renders will be made to ensure the look of the room is exactly what the client wants. Here we can play with furniture finish selections. Maybe the couch can be finished in a hot pink velvet fabric: but what about the accent chairs?

Once the final 3-D render is approved we can start the production process. However, with this project DHOA has the entire home to create concept boards for before we can start the manufacturing.

Follow us along this journey of an entire home furnishings experience!

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