How To Create an Interior Design Theme from Scratch


Strategic Planning:

Have you ever wanted to redesign your house but didn't know where to start?

Well, we've got you covered! Here's how we do it at Design House of Alexandra:

First off, we interview our clients. This is so important because we need to know everything about them so we can design a space that will fit their lifestyle. When asking questions, this helps bring ideas out of their head and into the real world. A lot of the time people just aren't able to communicate what they want for themselves—that's where we come in! Our job is to create the high-end results that our client's want. We consider their daily lifestyle inside the home, their personal preferences in style, and also add a few of our own touches if they allow for this.

If you're going through this process yourself (and many people do), then you can interview yourself! Ask how do I use this space daily? What are my wants versus needs? How many people are using the area? And so on…

Photo selection:

Before we even start with furniture, color schemes, or fabric samples we look at a mixture of photos. I ask them which photo are they drawn too initially? What feels compatible to you? Notice there are no architectural or interior design photos used in this step.

Concept Development:

After a photo is chosen, ask again more questions! The more questions you ask now, the less revisions you will have to do later.


For example, if the client likes this photo, we need to figure out why they are drawn to this picture.

Write down all ideas, words, thoughts that come to mind. Doesn’t matter if it feels silly, this is simply a thought exercise. Here is an example:



Brown and black dirt


Unknown path

Colorful bugs


Light at the end of the tunnel

Morning dew



Cob webs

Structural Lines

Crisp air

Spotted deer 


Now, let’s assume we are working on a living room design. Next, we will make a mood board before we start choosing furniture, lighting fixtures, fabric, etc.

We need to make sure we are on the right path before committing to two concept designs.


Do not make this too complicated! Just get your ideas down on paper and lets the creativity flow. Present this to the client, and if you receive approval now is time for the fun part! We can start our creativity development and present 2 potential solutions for the room.

Always Present Two Options:

We always recommend to present more than one idea but less than three. Options are beneficial, but not too many causing confusion.

Be able to explain each choice, and how it ties back to our original theme.

For example:

“This modern greenhouse is a place where you can enjoy the forest in your own living room. Focusing on the use of linear furniture and tight lines resemble the tall evergreen trees from our inspiration photo. Natural wood and rattan chairs bring the woodsy feeling inside; while the coffee table and sparkling chandelier remind us of the golden sun breaking through the tree top canopies on a dewy fresh morning. The orange butterfly serves as a pop of color just like how small insects provide interesting and colorful qualities to a forest. The overarching feeling of this room is an ethereal, comfortable, and unique living room."


If all goes well you can move forward with the design development, or you may have to make some revisions. However, if the process was followed and the client’s needs were listened too, you should not have many revisions to make.

During the design development phase, the plan will be converted into a 3-D render for final approval from client.

After many projects this process becomes easier each time! Best of luck to your home designing.



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