Architecture Around the World with Alex: Thailand

I am starting this blog to introduce my readers to architectural gems around the world. Each week I will discover a new home or property for sale in a different country. We will review the photos, discuss what we like & do not like, and finally reveal how the home makes us feel. What emotions am I feeling from this piece of property? Would you live here?

So come along on our journey with our first stop in Thailand


o The earliest known inhabitation of present-day Thailand dates to the Paleolithic period, about 20,000 years ago.

o In 1939, it changed its name from Siam to Prathet Thai, meaning “free land”.

o National Animal: Thai Elephant

o National Flower: Ratchaphruek



o The Armhurst Estate, Koh Chang 23170 Thailand

o $3,986,711USD / ฿135,000,000THB

o Single family home o Built in 2020

o 5 bedrooms, 4 baths


“There are no neighbors; you will perceive no audible noise from the endeavors of man. The beauty of the jungle melds effortlessly with professionally designed gardens to include a fruit orchard, rubber tree grove, expansive grassy lawns, towering rock formations, a flower garden and dozens of species of ornamental trees. The front of the home embraces a portico with arched columns and beautiful natural sandstone pool decks surrounding a split level swimming pool.”


I love this house because it is simple in its design and yet it gives off a very elegant vibe. The exterior is giving me Switzerland in Thailand and the interior is giving me California.

I adore the hill-side property location as well as the fact that it overlooks the Gulf of Thailand. I love how they used warm wood throughout the home paired with creamy white walls.

Tall windows allow natural light in, which is always a good thing in my opinion. The outdoor space is great for entertaining and enjoying the beautiful weather!


This is a beautiful tropical home that feels like it has been there since the beginning of time. I admire how it is surrounded by green trees, flowers and plants instead of other houses or buildings that might spoil your view. It feels like your own private paradise where you can go and relax with your family or friends anytime you want.


I would like to improve the existing design of the dining room. The furniture is outdated and makes the interiors look duller than they are. There is no theme when it comes to furniture selection. The dining room has unutilized space.

I would redesign this dining room by adding new furniture, which will be upholstered in a green jungle print hi-lighting the outdoors surrounding this room. The main dining table is curvy imitating the mountain ranges outside. Each gold accent would be specked to match the unique bronzed base on the table.

On the far west wall currently featuring a women’s portrait I would place Utopia, a storage cabinet. You can store your favorite wine and special drinks here. On the south wall which is not shown in this picture so I am only assuming I could place, Rolex, to store the fine china or table linens. The sideboard cabinet carries the green theme as well while the marble top adds additional layers of earthy movement.

If you wanted to make the room, feel more feminine, I would place a pink rug under the dining table. If you wanted to get crazy then you could wallpaper the ceiling in pink wall paper, but be careful to avoid the beautiful beam in the center of the ceiling.  










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