Architecture Around the World with Alex: Montenegro

I am starting this blog to introduce my readers to architectural gems around the world. Each week I will discover a new home or property for sale in a different country.

We will review the photos, discuss what we like & do not like, and finally reveal how the home makes us feel. What emotions am I feeling from this piece of property? Would you live here?

So come along on our journey with our fourth stop in Montenegro.


-Montenegro, once part of Yugoslavia, is a republic of just over 600,000 people and smaller than the state of Connecticut.

- Its name means “black mountain.” Its rugged peaks average more than 6,600 feet high. Dense forest covers more than half the country. A rare European rainforest is found here, along with the Tara River Canyon, the longest and deepest canyon on the continent.

-National Animal: Eagle

-National Flower: Mimoza


-Kotor, Orahovac Kotor, Kotor, 85330 Montenegro

-Price upon request

-Single family home

-Built in 2021

-4 bedrooms, 5 baths


“In recent years, some have begun calling the small nation of Montenegro the next Monte Carlo or Cote d’Azur.


This villa is located near the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. The house has a modern style with open spaces and views of the sea. The location is ideal for anyone who loves the water and yachts. There are also some great restaurants in the area that overlook this view as well.

The interior design is very nice with a neutral color scheme and chevron patterned floors. There are several pieces of furniture that are the same or similar style carried by DHOA.

There is also a gym and spa on the property if you want to work out or relax after a long day out at sea.



The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Montenegro is probably the beaches and coastlines, however it is also known for its architecture and design as well. This can be seen through many different styles including modernist architecture.

This beautiful villa is surrounded by nature and has an amazing view of the outside world. The exterior of the home is hard and sturdy like the mountains around the home. However once onside the property you see lighter colored wood chosen to be utilized which gives a tranquil feeling. Also, the rear oversized windows are a breathtaking sight. Imagaine morning tea or coffee on this grand terrace!


As mentioned above, I choose to hi-light this property due to the similar furnishings they choose to decorate this house with. DHOA carries the same dining table, entryway chair, and similar couch designs.

There is not much to change other than placement of furniture, fabric finishes, and accessories.

Firstly, the Formis chair in the entry is a surprise but should be moved to a more suitable location. Entryway tables are perfect for decoration and small storage for mail or keys. Blondie or Moda would be a great choice here because we can place against the wall, the sleek design matches the house, and now we have a functional space.

The dining room table is perfect! I love Modish because of the unique shape and natural stone top. This was a great choice of material usage because it reflects the surroundings on the inside.

I am loving the blue oversized couch in the center of the entertainment space. A similar design would be Telios or Plutor in a custom oversized fashion with ottomans to rest your legs comfortably. Also, a larger coffee table like Zena would be ideal to place drinks or snacks.

My only true criticism is the fabric choice on the rounded couch. The light grey is blending in with the light floor and the yellow wallpaper. A darker and richer use of fabric would hi-light the uniqueness of this piece! Perhaps using a green velvet or teddy bear fabric would pull the green out of the wallpaper and give less of a commercial feel to the piece. Sapphire is very similar to what we see in the photo, except she has a base rather than feet to support the main body of the couch.

Overall, this property is lovely and whomever is lucky enough to own this place will definitely enjoy their time here.





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