Architecture Around the World with Alex: Italy

I am starting this blog to introduce my readers to architectural gems around the world. Each week I will discover a new home or property for sale in a different country.

We will review the photos, discuss what we like & do not like, and finally reveal how the home makes us feel. What emotions am I feeling from this piece of property? Would you live here?

So come along on our journey with our second stop in Italy.



-According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC by twin sons Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she-wolf.

-Finally, in 1870, Rome became the capital of the newly unified Italy.

-National Animal: Wolf

-National Flower: Lilly


-Via Giulia Rome, Roma, Italy

-Undisclosed price, probably above $20 million USD

-Apartment flat

-Built in 1542

-15 bedrooms, 8 baths


Palazzo Sacchetti is a pearl in the heart of Rome, not surprisingly it has been used as a set for some scenes in the Oscar winning film The Great Beauty of which the eternal city is the real protagonist...”


This home is located in the heart of Rome, within walking distance to the Colosseum and a 10-minute walk to the Pantheon. The frescoes, ceiling details and marble statues are superb. This spacious apartment offers 8 bedrooms, 12 noble halls, a beautiful chapel frescoed by Ciampelli, and finally access to an outdoor garden terrace and a magnificent garden courtyard for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves during their stay.


The amazing feeling of Italy hits me from the moment I scrolled through the photos. The view from the upper terrace of the garden courtyard down below is a captivating sight. I can already imagine myself sharing an outdoor meal with my family while overlooking the garden courtyard growing all the necessary herbs to cook an exquisite Italian dish.


It's hard to give constructive criticism to a 15th century beauty. However, the lighting could use improvement. There are no overhead chandeliers, but they did a great job on the accent lighting showcasing the frescoes. Other than that, there is minor plaster repairs needed and maybe a few wallpaper changes. These are easy fixes in the realm of remodeling!

Now for the fun selection. The main room I choose to focus on is adorned with marble statues, two layers of frescoes and portraits lining the upper walls, and an intricately carved ceiling to top it off. Long and skinny noble halls are hard to furnish but I would divide the space into two equal areas. This can serve as a natural divider during parties.

The furniture selected should not conflict with the background setting but rather enhance it. I am a fan of pairing sleek and modern furniture with an avant-garde setting. The furniture chosen is clean and subtle; yet just as elegant as the artwork adorned throughout the room. The opposites attract phenomenon is at work here.

For the main couch I choose the sleek Asthete couch paired with Minia chairs which are bubble in form, or the Olivia chairs which give a more futuristic edge to the vibe. This furniture is tasteful to the eyes and brings impact to this already amazing space.



































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