Architecture Around the World with Alex: Dubai

I am starting this blog to introduce my readers to architectural gems around the world. Each week I will discover a new home or property for sale in a different country.

We will review the photos, discuss what we like & do not like, and finally reveal how the home makes us feel. What emotions am I feeling from this piece of property? Would you live here?

So come along on our journey with our next stop in Dubai.


-The world’s oldest natural pearl was uncovered at UAE’s Marawah Island. Radiocarbon dates it back to 5800-5600 BC when people used pearls for adornment.

-National Animal: Arabian Oryx

-National Flower: Tribulus


-Signature Villas, Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

-$25,885,559 / 95,000,000 د.إ AED

-Single family home

-New build

-6 bedrooms, 8 baths


“As you enter the villa through the grand entrance hall, you immediately notice the unique elements of its tailored finish, its visionary design touches and the way in which the home has been styled to seamlessly connect the charm of contemporary living with the wonder of nature through its glass paneling and transitional spaces.”


This Dubai mansion is a game-changing luxury property with ravishingly innovative architecture, superb modern conveniences, majestic design, and a truly iconic location. The beach front property is set on a prime location in the heart of the Palm, Jumeriah. The rooftop lounge area is a great value of extra space to utilize.

The villa has been designed by world-class architects and interior designers to create and provide the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience. It offers everything one could wish for in a private home – from the highest quality finishes and fixtures, to state-of-the-art technology, recreation facilities and entertainment areas.



I really love this home. It is modern, clean, and well designed. The attention to the ceiling details impressed me, because the ceiling plane is often forgotten about. The materials chosen are strong, flashy, and eye catching. Every room feels clean and not over cluttered; but well balanced with the use of design elements on every surface plane of the home.

My emotional response to viewing this home is I would feel like a boss living here. I would be proud to show off my living quarters to friends and family as well as clients if I were an entrepreneur or business owner.


I would like to focus on the main living room. Although this room is stunning, it is giving a masculine vibe. The main couch color could be changed cream to offset the grey floor.  

The two side chairs in this room are the same chairs DHOA carries called Seabiscuit. I enjoy the roundness of the backs on these chairs. This softness helps balance out the hard marble used on the floors and walls.

One small detail I would like to see throughout the house is the use of blue from the entryway chandelier. The chandelier is a statement piece, and the theme should be carried throughout the home.

Other than these small design changes, there is much to love about this modern Dubai bachelor pad.




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