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Creating Exquisite Furnishings With The Right Mix Of Traditional & Modern Aesthetics

All About the DHOA

Design House of Alexandra, while being a forward-looking brand is inspired by ancient art & culture. DHOA, through consistent innovation, strives to create furnishings that incorporate the best of both worlds. A subtle blend of unique ancient artistic designs, and modern functionality allows artisans to create eclectic furniture sets that are always on the edge of commercial reality & cultural interest.

The art of visual storytelling

Every room has a story to tell. Following the vision of the clientele helps create authentic and highly characteristic furnishings that rightly adapts the narrative of a space. DHOA holds an aim to curate spaces — through our palette of compositions — that over time, redefine themselves from places of living to places of inspiration.

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Creative & Passionate

Furniture that reflects your personality

Our compositions at DHOA consist of diverse furniture designs that cater to varied aesthetic needs of different people. You can explore our range of furnishing solutions that — through their exquisite designs — will enable you to create spaces that speak of you and your personality.

We value your reason to invest in a luxury furniture brand like DHOA, and therefore leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We make relentless efforts to create quality products to serve our customers right. Every material used in our products are sourced from the best in the respective industry.

We admire professionalism, and so proudly boast of our workers’ dedication to create the best while ensuring timely delivery.

How It Works

We follow a streamlined process to deliver the best to our customers. We do this by:

Let us talk
We try to understand your aesthetic taste, your requirement requirements and your space's existing look over a cuppa coffee.
Research & Propose
Our talented team of designers come up with the right suggestions from our wide product portfolio to cut the clutter and save your precious time.
Don't like something about the product? Don't worry, be it color, size, fabric or shape, we are happy to personalize the product as per your requirement.
Design & Manufacture
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing setup takes care of the manufacturing as we manufacture your product with love, passion and professionalism.
Fast, safely and with a smile, that is how we deliver products to your doorstep only to settle at the look of awe and a huge smile on your face.
Take Care
Selling is just the beginning of our relationship. What we want is your trust for life. Our impeccable customer service helps us achieve the same.

Things we value

Strong values that bring great people together

Excellence in Quality
Professionalism & Dedication
Innovation & Improvement
Openness to Criticism